Friday, July 31, 2009

WEDDING: Oceanfront Ceremony in Laguna Beach, CA

CONGRATULATIONS, Kendra and Scott!
My workmate and his lovely wife were married at Crescent Bay Point Park in Laguna Beach, CA yesterday evening. As they were both previously married, this wedding created a new family, with a total of five children! In honour of this occasion, we created a special family blending or unification ritual: one by one, each of the five children, and husband Scott, handed Kendra a different flower. Once she tied together the six flowers with her one, she was left with a lovely bouquet of seven flowers, to symbolise the new family!

Professional photography (not above) by: Cindy Meadors Photography. (BTW You can see the cement semi-circle where everyone was seated at's site here.)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

TESTIMONIAL: Review of wedding officiant services on Project Wedding

i don't mean to brag...well maybe just a little...but i am so proud to have received the following testimonial from a recent client:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

EXPLAINER: Custom-Written vs. Personalized

What IS the difference between a custom-written and a personalized ceremony, if any?

A personalized ceremony is adjusted to fit an individual or occasion. It should reflect the honoree(s) in personality, mood and energy. All elements of a typical ceremony are present, and all legal requirements are met. Participants, readings or rituals of your choice can be included. Some officiants offer you a few different selections of ceremony segments to choose from, and put them all together for you. It's like a sandwich where you choose the ingredients.

A custom-written (or bespoke) ceremony is not only personalized, but it is one-of-a-kind. It is uniquely created for you, according to the exact specifications of the individual client or couple. The text is written on a per client, made-to-order basis, and there are no two ceremonies that are alike. Think of a custom tailored shirt or an original cocktail...there has never been anything like it before.

You CAN have a custom-written, personalized ceremony! It's about more than having the freedom to write your own vows. It's about whether you want a simple or an elabourate ceremony, or a brief ceremony vs. a lengthier one. And it's about the way you want to acknowledge the people, topics and things that are important to you.

Having an individualized ceremony also means leaving out the stuff you or the honoree does NOT want! You have the choice to not include socially or culturally insensitive material, religious or spiritual doctrine, arcane and obsolete words and references, etc.

If you seek a modern officiant with an individual approach to the ceremony tradition, please see the website for A NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY or
email celebrantvenusPLEASE_DELETE[at]

Monday, July 13, 2009

WEDDING: Outdoor Ceremony at the Clubhouse in La Mirada, CA

CONGRATULATIONS: Shonna and Danny!

This ceremony focused on the importance of family, and celebrated the coming together of two wonderful families. There was also a special tribute included, honouring the bride's dog Ginger, who had to be euthanized the week before the wedding:

At this time of coming together, it is also a time of transition and change in Danny and Shonna’s lives, but one constant, unfortunately, is no longer here with us. Therefore, before we continue, we must take a moment to pay a very special tribute to a very special dog. Ginger came into Shonna’s life when Shonna was just nine years old. She was just the most amazing dog Shonna had ever come in contact with, and she was the one, at least until Danny, to provide Shonna with unconditional love, loyalty and companionship. Ginger will be missed more than anyone can imagine.

The entire affair was run, seemingly single-handedly, by Natalie at LA MIRADA GOLF COURSE. She is a truly hands-on coordinator, whether it involves shuttling guests and wedding parties, or laying down the runner before the ceremony started. A beautiful string duet was played by Missy and Nancy of ___________. Photography (but not photo below) provided by ____________.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

WEDDING: Outdoor Ceremony at the Marriott Hotel in Newport Beach, CA


With the Pacific Ocean in the distance, these two awesome people exchanged marriage vows on the lovely grounds of the Newport Beach Marriott, near Fashion Island. After their ring vows, they chose to honour their Japanese-American heritage with the San San Ku Do tradition.

Many thanks to Candice, Lana (Lan?) and Julie of the NEWPORT BEACH MARRIOTT. In their capable hands, things went off without a hitch!