Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

WEDDING: Officiant at Lindley-Scott House in Azusa, CA

Congratulations, Nikki and Chris! Married on 30 April 2010...

A historic home in Azusa, CA was the setting for this self-professed science fiction and fantasy loving, book and reading addicted couple!

Many thanks to Leo of the Lindley-Scott House for his professionalism and help in pulling off a lovely outdoor wedding ceremony!

Friday, May 14, 2010

INFO: Southern California Beach Weddings & Other Ceremonies - Things to Consider

Southern California is home to a beautiful coastline, and the beach is (potentially) an economical place to be married.  But, before you assemble your guests at your beach wedding, here are a few things to keep in mind. 
- Photo by Kiel of Foto Cielo
  • Does your beach of choice allow small or large groups to gather? - Are gatherings allowed without a permit?  It may be a good idea to have official authorization from the city/state, so you can 'lay claim' to the ceremony site. Speaking of which...
  • Are you ok with the public stopping by to watch? - Even with a permit, beaches in California are public, so be ready for some passers-by to stop and looky-loo upon your beautiful ceremony!  If you are looking for an isolated and private affair, it may be best to rent a home on the beach or with its own private slice of the coastline.
  • Does your beach allow amplified sound? - Most beaches will not allow music but may allow a mic with public address system.  Don't forget how loud the waves can get!  Speaking of...
  • What time does the tide come in? - If you plan to be up near the waves / water, this is an especially important consideration.
  • What are you allowed to bring, and not bring, onto the sand? - This includes chairs, umbrellas, decorations, flowers, candles, torches (the fire kind, not the flashlight kind!), food, drink, glass etc.
  • Is there any overhead activity scheduled? - This sounds funny, but you never know who may be performing military exercises in the area, or taking a helicopter tour, or hiring a skywriter...at the time your ceremony is scheduled.

Whether you choose Malibu, Catalina Island / Avalon / Two Harbors, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, Ventura or Dana Point, there are many beach wedding locations to choose from.  For more information, please contact A NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY for your beach wedding officiant needs! We are professional, experienced, qualified and affordable, serving any Southern California location.

Monday, May 10, 2010

VIDEO: The Importance of Grief and Mourning in Children

Children may experience the death of a parent or family member differently than adults, but they experience it nonetheless.

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From CBS Sunday Morning the week of 11 April 2010.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

FUNNY: Liz Lemon offers kind words to Grizz about his wedding (and choosing a best man)

LIZ LEMON: [To Grizz, who is having a difficult time choosing either Tracy Jordan or Dot Com as best man for his wedding]
Don't even have a best man!  Your wedding day is about you and your bride.  So who cares what anyone else thinks?  Love isn't judgmental.  Love is patient.  Love is...weird, and sometimes gross.  Love is elusive, and you found it, so treasure it.  And maybe, don't leave it alone with Dot Com.
GRIZZ: [Completely straightfaced, without emotion]
That was beautiful.  Look at me, crying like a baby.

-from 'Argus' the peacock episode, 30 Rock on NBC.  First broadcast 29 April 2010.