Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VIDEO: Thank you to Gilbert Baker, the gay Betsy Ross!

Have you ever wondered where the rainbow flag came from? This tv segment tells the story about the man and the circumstances behind what truly became a symbol representing the beauty and diversity of the LGBT community!

IN THE LIFE is one of my favourite television shows.  It's a fantastic show of documentary stories from the gay experience, which airs about once a month on public television.  Follow them on the Twitt'r here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

INTERESTING: Post Secret Wedding Postcards Express Dark Themes

Here are two more poignant entries from the POST SECRET website, coinciding with this year's Father's Day theme.  Don't forget, each week's postcards are available to view for one week only...

Original image stored here.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

NEWS: Obama & Biden's Call for Congress to Repeal Defense of Marriage Act

"They are openly terrific!"

Watch Obama's remarks for LGBT Pride: "Because I believe that gay and lesbian couples deserve the same rights and responsiblities afforded to any married couple, I have called for Congress to repeal the so-called Defense of Marriage Act."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

WEDDING: Malibou Lake Mountain Club Officiant in Agoura Hills, CA

This ceremony actually had a maypole dance at the end!

At the start of the ceremony, there were TWO aisles for the wedding party and couple to walk down, both sides simultaneously.
"T and J chose to enter together at the same time to honour the joining of their families, and, to symbolise their choice to enter into marriage willingly as partners and as equals, without being skewed by gender or role."
This wedding was SO beautiful, i cried.  Photography (not pictured) was by a friend of the groom.  Many thanks to Meredith of MALIBOU LAKE MOUNTAIN CLUB and dj ____  for their service and expertise!

Please see these other maypole photos:
Agoura Hills Officiant at Malibou Lakes

Malibou Lake Officiant in Agoura Hills, CA

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NEWS: California's Proposition 8 Closing Arguments - transcripts, tweets, briefs and more!

Today's Proposition 8 closing arguments from the California Supreme Court in Sacramento have been closed to cameras, but on the internet, there's a lot of information updating on a regular basis.

The AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR EQUAL RIGHTS has a live ongoing transcript of today's Prop. 8 final arguments.  The organization will be posting an official, court-approved transcript later today.

As you may expect, there are live tweets from the courtroom:  @AmerEqualRights and @NCLRights .

The State of California's website has a throrough record of all Proposition 8 related legal documents, petitions, briefs and orders

Here's a peek at some HOMEWORK QUESTIONS the court provided the plaintiff and defendant to prepare for closing arguments.  According to the document itself,
"The court provides the following questions to the parties in advance of closing arguments. What follows is by no means an exhaustive list of questions, but is intended simply to assist the parties in focusing their closing arguments."

KQED's Scott Shafer has been on NPR, reporting about the end of testimony and the start of closing arguments.
KQED's Prop. 8 blogs may be found here.

Please share your live news!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

WEDDING: St. Regis Officiant, Ensuite in Dana Point CA!

Congratulations to Jenny and Sean, married 5 June 2010.

The couple's ceremony took place in their own suite at the St. Regis Monarch Bay resort, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Karma, the couple's Maltese/Shih Tzu, was handsomely dressed, and attended the wedding [please see photo, in the groom's arms!]. On the human side, only immediate family members were present, who had travelled from as near as Southern California and far as Washington D.C. and New York.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WEDDING: Officiant in Newport Beach, CA

Congratulations, ToHa and Cha., married on 23 May 2010!  The couple rented a beachfront property on Seashore Drive for their special ceremony with the things that mean the most in life: good food, good friends and family.

Newport Beach Wedding Ceremony Officiant, originally uploaded by dj venus. (NOTE: i had already changed into regular clothes, post-ceremony, as it was very breezy on the beach!)
"Growing up in Orange County, To. recalls the many summers he spent here in Newport, and it will always be an especially significant place to him. Being at the beach reminds To. and Cha. of a time when things were easy and carefree. They both have fond memories of being at the beach as kids with their friends, long before the stress of jobs and responsibility set in.

"Cha. and To. say they feel closest when they are together as a family, with loved ones, spending time together without the distractions of every day life. They have brought you here to the beautiful California coast, because it is a place where they both can feel peaceful and relaxed. What better place than the beach to start a new life together?"

The couple made family vows to their daughter, as well as exchanging vows of marriage to each other. Along with their three-year old, they then poured sand from three containers to symbolise their forever unified family!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ELEMENTS: Laughs are GOOD! - Using Humor in Your Ceremony

CONGRATULATIONS: Ste. and Jar.!  Married at Tustin Hills Racquet Club in Santa Ana, CA on 16 May 2010.  They first met at a stand-up comedy show...and since they love to laugh, why shouldn't they add a few laughs to one of the most important days of their life together? 

Photo by AARON HUNIU PHOTOGRAPHY.  Uploaded from Flickr by dj venus.

One way you can make an occasion your very own is to project your personality/ies through each element of the wedding: from the colours, the venue, the menu and especially the ceremony.  The following excerpts are actual examples taken from the ceremony:
"Seven months ago, S.J., Ste. and Jar.'s son, was born.  Ever since, he has been their dear little monkey..."

"...may you both enjoy a long life of happiness together, with S...and may you always be like a family of deer crossing a prairie in the sunshine."
You don't have to settle for the usual, less-than-memorable ceremony.  Humour does not detract from the seriousness of the commitment being made, nor does it make light of the person or persons being honoured.  Your ceremony can, and should be, FUN, if you want it to be!  For more information, please contact A NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY.