Thursday, October 28, 2010

WEDDING: Officiant for Newport Beach Wedding at Private Home

Tony & Charlotte.  photo by Kat Monk

In Southern California, nearly any day is a good day for a beach wedding. But in July, what better place to assemble your closest friends and family, than at a beach house rental?

Whether you desire a multicultural, intimate, simple, tourist, destination, not religious or secular wedding, you CAN have the wedding ceremony YOU want! And, at the location of YOUR choice. For more info: Try a Modern Officiant for the Ceremony Tradition.

Many thanks to KAT MONK for her photography. She's an artist! You can reach her at

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ELEMENTS: Rainbow Roses are incredible natural, multi-colored flowers.

Rainbow Rose, originally uploaded by INTVGene.
i would LOVE to have these flowers at any ceremony, but i immediately thought about how perfect they would be for a same-sex / LGBT wedding!!!  Florists, take note...

Rainbow roses, also known as 'happy roses', who also create/sell rainbow mums, were developed and perfected in the world's flower mecca of Holland by inventor PETER VAN DE WERKEN.  You can order them from HAPPY ROSES and RAINBOW ROSE COMPANY.  The average price is about $90 for a half dozen, minus overnight shipping!!??

Wonder how they're made?  They start as cream-coloured roses, and differing accounts state they are introduced to different coloured dyes either via injection or via water.  See the video below!

If the above video doesn't work, go directly to the REUTERS link.

To cite the sources for the above: see, NY Daily News and the UK's Daily Mail...and apparently, there are imitation Happy Roses/Rainbow Roses, according to the Flowers Insolita blog.  i tried to find other links but couldn't...  but they're reportedly less expensive and not as vivid.  But beware, i also found ads for "rainbow roses" where you get a vase of several different single-coloured roses!

Huge thanks to Shawna Yamamoto Event Design's blog for turning me on to this gorgeous flower!!  i'm totally obsessed.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

WEDDING: Officiant for Hollywood Writers' Ceremony at the Elegant Ebell of Los Angeles

CONGRATULATIONS, Christine and Eric!

Officiating the 23 October 2010 wedding of Christine Boylan, writer and story editor of TNT's Leverage television show and Eric Heisserer, screenwriter of 2010's A Nightmare on Elm Street and 2011's the Thing at the EBELL OF LOS ANGELES was truly an honour and a very special experience!

Via email, i collaborated with Eric and Christine to create a wedding ceremony fit for (and out of the minds and hands of) two writers. In the processional, the bride walked down a staircase alone, and proceeded unaccompanied until the groom walked up to meet her halfway down the aisle.Together, they completed the journey to the altar together, to "signal their conscious choice to walk together in their lives". The ceremony included a community vow, where the officiant asks the friends, family and other loved ones in the audience to affirm their love and support for the two people about to be married:
Eric requested we not ask if anyone present objects to his marrying Christine, since there was no room in the budget for trained snipers.  Instead, I would like to invite you, the cherished guests, to give your support to this union.

As they go forth in their life together, Eric and Christine will need each of you to embrace them, help them and lift them, as they experience all the joys and challenges that lie before them.  And so, as their community, do you pledge your support and caring to Christine and Eric?
COMMUNITY: Yes, we do!

i have never performed, nor attended, a wedding filled with more applause!  Gotta love Hollywood people.  ;-P  And, as they stood together beneath their 'chuppah-cabana',  a Khalil Gibran passage, On Marriage, was read by a cherished friend.

Please see the happy couple's New York Times wedding announcement (if link does not work, please see pdf on our website). 

Event coordination and planning by Michelle Buckley herself, of MINT JULEP SOCIAL EVENTS.  Ceremony music by string trio from Essence Entertainment.  Cocktail hour jazz ensemble: _______  Reception big band: the Fabulous Esquires.  Photography by MAX WANGER (not above).  About the location:  The Ebell, originally founded by women in 1864 as an educational and philanthropic organisation, is a historic venue on Lucerne Ave. at Wilshire Bl.  Be sure to see this gorgeous facility with rich wood interiors and details straight out of glamourous old Hollywood's yesteryear and vintage Los Angeles.

INTERESTING: Marriage proposal on Wikipedia?

i'm actually quite surprised this hadn't been done until now.  It's about time!

Here is the Wikipedia proposal...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

WEDDING: 10/10/10 Officiant for International Couple

The Vietnamese bride /Dutch groom held a traditional Vietnamese wedding in the bride's home in Fountain Valley.

You can be married in a wedding within your own culture and traditions! If you simply need a qualified person to take care of the legal ceremony for you in California, please contact venus, ordained officiant and certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® at A Non-Denominational Ceremony.

Friday, October 1, 2010

WEDDING: Officiant at Park Avenue Restaurant in Stanton, CA

Congratulations, Michele and John! 

Married on 25 Sept. 2010. It was my honour to officiate the ceremony while Chef David Slay, his right-hand man Mansour, and Park Avenue Restaurant's fine staff kept a crowd of about 150 friends and family members very happy as they celebrated the marriage of the Orange County-based couple. 

Many guests expressed how much they enjoyed the ceremony!  :0)  The couple collaborated with us to create a warm ceremony focusing on how their love stood out by being the exception to all their previous 'relationship rules'.  The wedding featured two short readings from LE PETIT PRINCE (The Little Prince).

The ceremony took place on the private lawn area of the restaurant.  The PARK AVE. website calls it an oasis, and it absolutely IS.  We were there from the late afternoon; the lawn, restaurant garden and the lawn-adjacent private dining room provided an ideal, secluded setting for the wedding reception, well past 9pm in the evening.  The weirdest part was how easy it was to forget we were actually on Beach Boulevard, just south of Katella Avenue.  The crowd's mix included some fun vintage motorcycle and car enthusiasts: many were friends of the groom, who's a mechanic and restorer of vintage Indians and similar bikes.  And i have a new passion for mashed potato bars; the texture of the mash with the taste and feel of a seaweed type of ingredient, called green caviar was simply amazing.

And awesome photographer month continuesRONI RAMOS and JENNY SERSION , who were hired via the groom's friend Curt (apologies for the seemingly irrelevant details, but i'm trying to keep the connections straight in my head) were very friendly, enthusiastic and down-to-earth.  For those looking for a photo team who are pretty much up for anything, Roni and Jenny are for you!  [Please note, they did not take above photo; i will post their work as soon as i am able...]