Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WEDDING: Los Angeles Arboretum Officiant in Arcadia, CA

Congratulations, Pa. and Jn.!  This couple was married in a rose garden ceremony in front of a few dozen of their closest loved ones.
Arcadia Officiant / Celebrant for Wedding at Los Angeles Arboretum
Arcadia Wedding Officiant

The wedding included a ringwarming and a ceremonial passage through archways, or gates, attended to by four sets of significant people, to mark the couple's transition from single to married life. (Please see the (horribly backlit) photo here. ---->)
a couple's wedding means crossing a threshold, through ceremony!
It was a beautiful, and meaningful, ceremony, especially when the couple crossed the thresholds together.  Hope to have more photos soon!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

VIDEO: Weddings Get an 'I Do Over' on WeTV

i am excited to announce my involvement with an episode of a new WeTV series called I Do Over! i performed the ceremony for Lindsy and Reid in the second episode of the series. Here's a teaser/trailer featuring the show's glamourous yet extremely down-to-earth host and event stylist, Diann Valentine. And please note the officiant at the 1:05 mark... ;-P

The show brings a second chance to couples who were married in less-than-ideal circumstances at their first wedding. This doesn't mean second marriages (although, i think that would be a great idea for another show!); it just means these lucky newlyweds get a 'do over' to have the wedding of their dreams. More details to come!