Friday, November 30, 2012

PHOTO: 30 Rock Wedding - Liz Lemon Marries Criss Cross

"I reject the wedding industry's phallocentric fairytale grotesquerie."

As one should!

Liz Lemon, left, in her Princess Leia wedding dress, married boyfriend Criss Cross in a civil ceremony last night. With Jack Donaghy, far left, and former boyfriend and pager king Dennis Duffy on far right.

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Via Flickr.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

VIDEO: NYPD's "It Gets Better" for LGBT Youth

In light of today's Supreme Court discussion to consider whether or not to take on the same-sex marriage issue, i discovered this video featuring New York Police Department's Gay Officers Action League president; NYPD Commissioner Kelly; their LGBT community liaison and NYPD officers.

Friday, November 16, 2012

NEWS: $30k really the average cost of a Southern California wedding??!

You don't have to spend the cost of a new car to have your wedding in Orange County or Los Angeles... do you? The latest comprehensive report by the Wedding Report website has been released for the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. Among other things, it states the average cost of a Southern California wedding is over $30,000 (thirty thousand dollars)??!!

The report states the following statistics for the 2011 Orange County wedding industry: Number of Weddings 20,314. Average Wedding Cost $31,975. Market Value $650 Million. Average Number of Guests 142 - 152. Online Market Value $158 Million. Number of Wedding Businesses 2,228 - 2,475.

According to the same website, in the Los Angeles/Long Beach/Santa Ana metropolitan area, the following represents the wedding market in 2011:
Number of Weddings in Los Angeles/Long Beach/Santa Ana 78,508. Average Wedding Cost $30,245. Market Value $2.4 Billion. Average Number of Guests 135 - 145. Online Market Value $474 Million. Number of Wedding Businesses 10,007 - 11,119.

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Statistics via © 2005 - 2012 The Wedding Report, Inc., All rights reserved.