Wednesday, February 20, 2008

WEDDINGS: "Perfect" Wedding Vows?

i feel vows don't need to be perfect.

Marriage/wedding vows DO need, however, to show your intentions, express your feelings, and convey your love toward your partner. That can be a lot of pressure.

There is an e-book on the market from "The Wedding Goddess" with all kinds of vow-writing ideas, but i suggest an easier way to write your own vows is:
  1. Ask your officiant for some examples of vows
  2. Research online - there are HUNDREDS of websites with vow examples...for free!
  3. Borrow and adapt parts you like to make it your own

If you absolutely must write your vows from scratch, write them from your heart. Remember to use your own voice: if you are an informal, friendly person, DO NOT write something that is stern and stiff! You do not want to make your promise of love and trust sound like it's coming from a complete stranger. And, your partner will appreciate it, too.

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