Monday, September 15, 2008

WEDDING: Howard Johnson Resort, near Disneyland, in Anaheim, CA

CONGRATULATIONS: Stephanie and Jason!
These two came all the way from Edmonton, Alberta Canada!

Quite often, couples decide to have their own little destination wedding in conjunction with a vacation trip to California. In some ways, i like these ceremonies the best because it is just the couple and the officiant, with no extravagant reception and no relatives dragging the bride and groom from place to place.

In these long-distance cases, i'm usually unable to meet with a couple in person before the wedding. Trust is a majour issue, and i do my very best to assure the couple i will meet their every need. Sometimes, a phone call or two is involved, although in this particular case, the first time i ever met or spoke to either the bride and groom, was 30 minutes before the ceremony! i work closely with each couple via email to make sure their ceremony is a true reflection of themselves and of their love. For example:
"We are here near Disneyland, which is a significant place, because it was a family trip to the Magical Kingdom, that helped shape Stephanie into the person she is today. When Jason brought her flowers that day in the grocery store, it was the beginning of a very special story of love and friendship that has endured. It has taken some time and work to return to California, but here they are on their trip of a lifetime. What better place to publicly declare their love and commitment to each other?"

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Stephanie said...

Thank you! We honestly could not have chosen a better person to marry us. We were impressed by your professionalism, and creative writing for our ceremony, all via email,we are glad we put our trust in you. When we met you in person for the first time before the ceremony, I was the nervous bride with last minute wedding location changes and you accommodated us in every way! We immediately felt very comfortable with you. You could see our love for each other and sense of humor. Thank you so much for helping our ceremony dreams come true!!!

Stephanie and Jason Porter