Friday, October 17, 2008

WEDDING: LGBT Ceremony in Atwater Village


The smallest wedding ceremonies are so intimate, and so special. There were fewer than twenty guests total, including two male partners who walked their best friend, these two ladies, down the aisle. It was held in a small art gallery on Glendale Blvd.

The ceremony concluded with jumping the broom:
"To end the ceremony, Karen will place a broom on the ground for Lisa and Brandy to jump over. This is to respect the ancestory of the past...a time where freedoms like these were absent.

Brooms themselves symbolize the hearth, which has historically been the center of the home. The handle of the broom represents a common source of spiritual strength, while the broom’s straws represent the new family Lisa and Brandy created today. There is a ribbon to symbolize the love and commitment that ties everything together.

As they jump from one side to the other, they leave their former lives as individuals and enter a new life together as a married couple. The broom is an opportunity to sweep away past difficulties, problems and fears, as today is a new beginning for Brandy and Lisa.

Everyone, please join in and count to three!"
Photography was provided by the intriguing Cherry Thomas. Venue provided by Little Bird Gallery in Atwater Village.

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