Sunday, February 15, 2009

WEDDING: At Muckenthaler Mansion in Fullerton, CA

CONGRATULATIONS, Jenna and Tyler!!!

Sometimes, Mother Nature has a fantastic way of giving gifts. The couple, who planned their outdoor wedding months ago, were faced this week with the possibility of showers, especially after a week of sporadic rainfall... But, after much good energy and positive thinking toward hopes of a sunny day, we were fortunate to have it turn out to be a lovely California afternoon. The dirt beneath the grass was a bit mushy, but not muddy, and the ceremony was a complete success.

Tyler and Jenna are a testament to the term, "go with the flow". They are one of the most easygoing, unstressed couples i have had the pleasure to officiate for! Their lovely, intimate wedding took place with about 60 guests in the lovely grass area of Muckenthaler Cultural Centre. The venue's fantastic staff was led by the unflappable Rick. You are assured to receive the best service in his extremely capable hands.

Many thanks also to Duane, catering director and Muckenthaler events coordinator extraordinaire!

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