Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NEWS: The Burden (and Obligations!) of Paying for Weddings has Shifted!

The norms of 'tradition' are changing and the trends of the DIY or do-it-yourself ethic prevail in many modern celebrations and ceremonies.  This new tendency for the couple to call the shots is an indicator of another way a couple may continue to insist on their wedding ceremony (and reception), their way.

According to an article written by Abby Ellin in the New York Times on 2 April 2010:
"When it comes to paying for a wedding while remaining financially afloat, today’s rule is all hands on deck...
"The Association of Bridal Consultants, an organization of 4,000 wedding planners, offered evidence that the trend has accelerated since the beginning of this century.  David M. Wood III, its president, estimated that only about 10 percent of weddings are now wholly paid for by the bride’s parents, down from the 20 percent figure that the association reported from a 2003 survey.Mr. Wood also estimated that 33 percent of weddings are now financed by the bride and bridegroom alone, up from 27 percent in the earlier survey."

The above was taken from Ellin's article called The Burden of Paying for Wedding Bells Shifts from her Field Notes column.

If the kids are putting up most of the $ toward the wedding, parents may have to let go of their wishes, so a son or daughter may have the wedding of their own dreams.  Sorry, mom and dad...you can no longer say things such as "You have to do it our way, since we're paying for it..." !  

And what a relief that is.  :)

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