Thursday, July 29, 2010

ALTERNATIVES: To Exchange Rings, or NOT to Exchange Rings?

Tattooed 'rings' may be the best option for you, especially if you want to avoid the cost, convention, maintenance and/or discomfourt of wearing a wedding ring.

On left: from TATTOOED BRIDE blog, via Allebach Photography
On right: from MANOLO BRIDES via Leigh Miller Photography

Many people are led to believe (incorrectly, at least in California) that one must exchange rings as part of the marriage ceremony.  Not everyone likes to wear jewelry, even if it is your wedding ring. Do you work around electricity?  A metal ring may not be a good idea.  And what is a more permanent symbol of your love, than a tattoo?  You can't lose it, since you won't need to take it off to paint your house.  You also won't be able to take it off or throw it after an argument with your other half...  ;-|  

The act of tattooing rings to indicate betrothal or marriage is a fairly modern trend, but has gained popularity in recent times, especially in the UK and Europe. Ancient Egyptians would tattoo wrists and fingers to ward off illness and bad luck. Slaves' hands were sometimes tattooed to indicate ownership. Ancient Egyptian women have been found with tattoos on their bodies to promote fertility (from Ancient Egypt: Personal Ornaments website).

At a cost of about $100, tattooed wedding rings are an economical way to go, but may require some touch-up work down the line, especially as they fade and evolve with time.  The palm side of the hand is quite sensitive, pain-wise, and tattoos also tend to fade and blur faster on the palm side.

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