Sunday, August 8, 2010

Long Beach Wedding Officiant at Jellyfish Cove

Congratulations Patty and Tim!  Married on 7 Aug. 2010, this couple chose to have their wedding ceremony right above Jellyfish Cove in Long Beach. 
Although the jellyfish weren't in full effect, the sun and the water were, providing a beautiful backdrop for the couple and their small group of guests, which consisted of their children and one close friend.

Also in full effect was the Long Beach Sprint Nationals powerboat race, which was taking place several neighbourhoods over at the Long Beach Marine Stadium. Luckily, the couple had a GREAT sense of humour, and didn't mind the sound of powerboat engines roaring away in the background!  :)


Nick said...

Congratulations to both of you.I want to know about wedding at Jellyfish cove will you please help me.

A Non-Denominational Ceremony said...

Hi, Nick! Thank you very much.
Please contact me via email and we can speak more in detail.
Take care.