Friday, December 17, 2010

ELEMENTS: Purple and Yellow Los Angeles Lakers Colors Inspire Wedding or Party Décor

You can incorporate a sports or other theme into the text of your wedding ceremony...just ask and we can make it happen!

Whether you call yourself a fanboy / fangirl, obsessive, geek or otherwise, you can take your love of something to the next level, and express it in your ceremony!  If you love gaming, chess, Jeopardy and/or surfing for example, or if you both share an interest in books, a sports team or MMA/UFC fighter, you can make your celebration all your own. 

Consider how deep or actively involved you want your theme to be.  Do you want the overlying scheme to be incorporated into every aspect of the day?  Or, do you prefer a more indirect approach?

Above, photographer CAROLINE TRAN shared images from a 40th birthday party in early 2010 with a Los Angeles Lakers theme and colour scheme. The event was designed by THE SPECIAL DAY.  And, OneWed ran a variation of the birthday party photos for weddings.

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