Thursday, March 31, 2011

NEWS: See Blogger / Blogspot in a Different, Dynamic View

Blog enthusiasts, take note of today's Blogger announcement!  According to Google's Buzz page, the new system allows the blog reader/viewer/user to see Blogger blogs through a fresh, new perspective by using AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3 and more. Some cool features and future possibilities are said to include:

  • Allowing more posts to be seen, without reloading or accessing another page: infinite scrolling.
  • Different blogs may benefit from different layouts: dynamic views gives you five ways to be seen.
  • Content can be experienced in increasingly interactive ways.
    AND, perhaps in the most appealing way for my purposes,
  • Images no longer are downloaded at once: load speed increases cos you download images as you view them.
FLIPCARD, MOSAIC, SIDEBAR, TIMESLIDE, and SNAPSHOT are the five new views.  To see what they look like, see A Non-Denominational Ceremony's blog in the 'snapshot view'.  Toward the top right, click on the blue pulldown menu if you want to see any of the other new display types.

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