Thursday, June 2, 2011

ELEMENTS: Serving Rainbow Pancakes

Rainbows are everywhere, especially if you put them there...

More people are opting for a small wedding these days...or at least considering the possibility of having one.  But what could be more beautiful than serving these colourful rainbow pancakes at your wedding weekend breakfast or brunch?  
via A Non-Denominational Ceremony's TUMBLR.

Disclaimer:  i am aware of the potential harm various food colourings and dyes may cause...and you should be, too.  Check your ingredients and do your research!  There are lots of 'natural' colouring options out there.

BTW did you know there was a fuss was made in 2010 involving a segment of Christians, their use (misuse?  disuse?) of rainbow baked goods and connection (or lack thereof) to LGBT pride?   Also, here is a source for non-toxic, natural food colouring, plus a recipe for the stack pictured above.

Oh, and check the lovely rainbow wedding dress, pictured at right!

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