Sunday, September 2, 2012

TRADITION: Wine Box - Handmade for Ceremony with Family Participation

Wine Box Wedding Tradition
WINE BOX WEDDING TRADITION. (clockwise from top left:
wine with wedding year vintage; wine box handmade by couple; copy of wedding vows: photo;
wedding invitation [under photo]; nails and hammer.
Recently, a couple i wed chose to include a made-by-hand wine box (or is it winebox ?) in their wedding ceremony.  Their box included a bottle of wine from 2012, the year of their marriage; a copy of marriage vows; a  picture they took together, and their wedding invitation. These items served as symbols and as a reminder of their love for one another, on this day, and leading up to it. 

The wine box was built of wood and the couple constructed and stained the wine box themselves.  Once the box was filled during the ceremony, the couple invited their parents to come forward and help them hammer the nails to seal the box shut.  The box is like a wedding time capsule, because it will not be opened until their tenth anniversary.

Other alternatives or variations of winebox contents to consider: wine from the year you first met or began dating; ticket stub from concert or event at which you first met; the first photo you took together; a souvenir or symbol from an important shared occasion (e.g. a party favour from New Year's Eve; fortune of fortune cookie from your first date; etc.)...  Or, in line with the time capsule concept: if you are having a small wedding (or not!?), ask your guests to bring an item that represents your friendship or relationship to contribute to the box.  The possibilities are many, and limited only by what you consider appropriate!

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