Wednesday, January 2, 2013

JAPAN: White Weddings Require White Officiants?!!?

The term 'western' equals fashionable, trendy and in Caucasian. A fascinating story on PRI's The World goes on to say:
"The “white wedding” in Japan copies an archetypal Western ceremony...But perhaps the most essential part of the event is a minister who looks the part. In other words, a white person."
The wedding industry is in full effect around the world, and according to the report, "Wedding services often use white grooms in their advertising material. It’s a common scheme to sell the “white wedding” fantasy to Japanese women".  Let alone the wedding fantasy in general! Hear the full story below.
SO weird, but to me not a good weird...  Maybe i'm taking it a little too seriously, but this makes me a little embarassed to be Japanese (albeit i'm actually Japanese-American). Heck, i'm just AMERICAN!

If you simply want a modern officiant to provide the ceremony you want, race or ethnicity aside, please contact A NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY for your Southern California wedding.

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