Thursday, September 26, 2013

VIDEO: Alternative to "Traditional" Best Man's Speech?

How does one simultaneously:
  • Show off your music skills
  • Dis your sibling for not possessing same said skills
  • Avoid public speaking
  • Send off aforementioned sibling on his wedding day?

This video is touted by the author to be yet another of "the favourite (ed. = best) things ever". Hiperbole aside, it may resonate for wedding guests and participants of a certain age. Funny thing is, the emotionlessness of the Kraftwerkian robot dummy was what they were going for...because, apparently:
We knew the hardest thing would be doing a traditional best man’s speech because we would cry too much.
At least, according to Gawker. Still, it took time, effort and caring to write and create such a production, so i know these guys love their bro. And what better thing to follow or precede or replace a wedding slideshow, than with this six-and-a-half-minute epic?!!  i think i would've taken the speech.

BTW at the time of this blog post, the video had had +350k YouTube views but the band/ensemble still only has 500 or so Facebook fans.

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