Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NEWS: If Proposition 8 Passes, What Happens to Same-Sex Couples Who Were Already Married?

Will Prop. 8 cancel out recent same-sex marriages? No one seems to know for sure. Until i get ahold of someone at the clerk-recorder's office or the registrar of the state of California, or an official statement is made, i will continue to compile information from different sources on this issue.

Bay Area newspaper SF Gate writes about the legal action being taken to block the measure, and possible repercussions if Prop. 8 does indeed pass.

Hear a story on NPR with UC Berkeley professor Jesse Choper about some possibilities that were discussed before the election.

Listen to another story on NPR discussing possible legal grounds and other directions from which to fight against Proposition 8.

That's it for now, i'll be updating frequently.

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