Monday, April 6, 2009

LINKS: Weddings that are NOT the same old, same old!

Don't forget: you don't have to do it the way you're 'supposed to do it'. You can do it the way you want to do it!

Lately, i get so jaded and bored with the usual wedding planning websites (i don't want to give them even more exposure by mentioning them here, but you know which ones i'm talking about!).

And before you call me a hypocrite, i apologise in advance, but yes, i DO advertise in some of them because i have to...for now... Sometimes i loathe the Southern California ceremony market for being competitive, indulgent and obscenely over-the-top.

However, i am SO extremely excited to find more and more untraditional and alternative (for lack of a better term) wedding sites! Possibly the best-known are INDIE BRIDE, OFFBEAT BRIDE and INDIE WEDDING GUIDE. There are many others, including ROCK N ROLL BRIDE and WEDDING SKULLS!

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