Sunday, April 12, 2009

VIDEO: Divorce Parties to Mark the Transition from Married to Not!

It is a Celebrant and officiant's duty to create and perform ceremonies of all types. Yes, the majourity of ceremonies i create and perform, and thus blog about, are for weddings and marriages... However, there are other types of ceremonies: funerals, memorial services, baby naming, adoption, retirement, deployment, survivors...the list goes on and on.

A ceremony indicates a rite of passage. A ceremony marks a transition, be it from child to adult, from single to married person, or even from married back to single person! The following video was broadcast on CBS News' The Early Show on Friday, 9 April 2009. The clip features author Laura Dave of The Divorce Party, as well as Charlotte Eulette of the Celebrant North America Foundation and Institute. (In the interest of full disclosure, Charlotte's organization trained me in the the history, creation and performance of ceremony and ritual.)

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