Saturday, August 8, 2009

NEWS: Do you need an officiant for the "Triple Nine" Date?

Some couples choose to be married on significant dates for superstitious, cultural or numerological reasons. For example, choosing 7/7/07, since seven is considered to be a lucky number. Or, choosing to be married on 7/8/09 or 6/7/08.

via the Sun2Surf website:
Last year, the triple-eight date of 08.08.08, was believed to be an auspicious day, since eight, or 'paat' in Mandarin, sounds like, and is symbolic of, prosperity.

The number nine is pronounced 'jiu' in Mandarin. 'Jiu' sounds like, and is symbolic of, perpetuity and permanence. This year's triple-nine date, 09.09.09, is a date which occurs once in a century. September 9, 2009 is the 21st day of the seventh lunar month in the lunar calendar. It is also believed to be an auspicious and lucky date to be wed, or to hold other celebrations.

It has been stated that 9AM on Sept 9, 2009 is extremely auspicious for those born in the years of the Monkey, Ox and Rooster to exchange marriage vows.

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