Tuesday, September 1, 2009

INFO: Real Answers to Real Simple Questions

Recently on Twitter, an article from the Real Simple magazine website was floating around. The topic was WHAT TO ASK YOUR WEDDING OFFICIANT. Usually, i dislike writing in the first person, but in this case, it is necessary...so here are my answers to the Real Simple :

1. Can you give us the ceremony we want?
YES, you MAY write your own vows, and i encourage you to design your own ceremony. i have an extensive collection of resources and research materials to assist you in the process. i have NO restrictions or requirements (with the exception of performing a wedding which would result in the harming of human beings or animals).

Do you want to "Get a feel for the officiant's manner, tone of voice, and spiritual nature"? Whenever possible i meet with all potential couples to see if we 'click'. If you are planning a ceremony from outside the area, a phone call and many emails usually does the trick.

2. What's your experience?
Easy answer: i have been performing weddings and other ceremonies for other people for the past three years. i average two to three a month, because this is not my full-time occupation. i am happy to supply you with as many references as you need!

3. Are you flexible?
Easier answer. YES, i travel. YES, i have a backup network of officiants in case of emergency.
i am very adaptable and open to any changes from the usual. In fact, anything deviating from the norm is encouraged! And, i can do backbends and touch my toes without bending my knees.

4. What are your credentials?
i am ordained to solemnize marriages in the state of California. i am also a certified Celebrant and i am a member of NAWO . i am familiar with California Family Code and completely qualified according to the requirements of the state of California, to perform your marriage ceremony and 'make it legal'.

5. How often will we meet?
As mentioned above, i meet with each couple for a no-obligation consultation to see if i am the right officiant for them. i am always available by phone, chat/AIM, sometimes via Twitter and ESPECIALLY by email. <--- Please note, this email link is spam-proofed; please change the [AT] to @. If schedule and geography permit, i sometimes meet with a couple one more time, to go over final details. i do run rehearsals. i perform pre-marital counseling but it is not a requirement. In fact, due to conflicts of interest, i do not tend to counsel couples who have hired me to marry them.

6. How much do you charge?
Fees vary, usually between $249 and $699 and INCLUDE the following: ALL travel and mileage; rehearsal; script writing; ceremony performance; filing of marriage license (less any fees to expedite shipping or processing); and a keepsake copy of the wedding ceremony text. A contract containing charges and services will be gone over in detail at the time of our meeting or phone call.

7.Will you be joining us at the reception?
Thank you, i would love to! :)

As the article says: "The officiant sets the tone for your wedding so do your homework to make sure it’s a ceremony you’ll love." More than anything, this is my absolute goal, to make sure you have YOUR Ceremony, YOUR Way. For more information, please contact me at A NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY.

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