Saturday, September 19, 2009

WEDDING: Outdoor Ceremony at Kellogg West, Cal Poly Pomona CA


One of the most touching points of this ceremony was the presentation of the bride. When asked "Who presents Tava to be married to Jon?", Tava's grandfather replied "I do, her grandfather, in honour of her father David." There was also a corsage left on the seat next to the bride's mother in her father's memory.

As an officiant, i am constantly learning new things, whether to engage the audience, comfourt the participants, or in this case, to scope out possible auditoury issues or environmental noise problems...!?

At the rehearsal, the onsite coordinator warned of the potential for cows to moo, since Kellogg West is surrounded by Cal Poly's agriculture fields. However, the ceremony itself was interrupted by the screeching of tires and revving of engines, as an apparent racetrack is laid out just behind the hill, down from where the ceremony took place. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done, and the couple and their families had a good sense of humour about things.

Many thanks to Cori and her team at Kellogg West. Photography by __________ .

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