Sunday, January 31, 2010

WEDDING: Officiant at Smogshoppe in Culver City, CA

Congratulations, Vivian and Jon!  Married on 23 Jan. 2010.

A former auto repair shop's structure, complete with its three garage doors, was the setting for this fantastic wedding in one the most unique spaces i have had the privilege to officiate at.  Touted as "L.A.'s greenest urban oasis", SMOGSHOPPE has a beautiful vertical garden, too.

The couple's wedding included a wine ceremony, as a symbol of their two lives combining or blending into one.  Each took an individual glass of red or white wine and poured all of it into  a third wine glass. Jon then poured the combined wine back into the 2 original glasses.  They both drank from their glass as they made a toast to themselves.

I had the great pleasure of working with Tony of REDSHOE LA again!  RedShoe, in my opinion as a music snob, is possibly the best d.j. company a couple could ask for at their ceremony, reception and more.  The entire event was in the very capable hands of Jeff from Smogshoppe, and handled through Kara of Marvimon, Smogshoppe's sister venue..  Photography by KYLE JOHNSON and his crew.

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