Saturday, May 1, 2010

FUNNY: Liz Lemon offers kind words to Grizz about his wedding (and choosing a best man)

LIZ LEMON: [To Grizz, who is having a difficult time choosing either Tracy Jordan or Dot Com as best man for his wedding]
Don't even have a best man!  Your wedding day is about you and your bride.  So who cares what anyone else thinks?  Love isn't judgmental.  Love is patient.  Love is...weird, and sometimes gross.  Love is elusive, and you found it, so treasure it.  And maybe, don't leave it alone with Dot Com.
GRIZZ: [Completely straightfaced, without emotion]
That was beautiful.  Look at me, crying like a baby.

-from 'Argus' the peacock episode, 30 Rock on NBC.  First broadcast 29 April 2010.