Friday, May 14, 2010

INFO: Southern California Beach Weddings & Other Ceremonies - Things to Consider

Southern California is home to a beautiful coastline, and the beach is (potentially) an economical place to be married.  But, before you assemble your guests at your beach wedding, here are a few things to keep in mind. 
- Photo by Kiel of Foto Cielo
  • Does your beach of choice allow small or large groups to gather? - Are gatherings allowed without a permit?  It may be a good idea to have official authorization from the city/state, so you can 'lay claim' to the ceremony site. Speaking of which...
  • Are you ok with the public stopping by to watch? - Even with a permit, beaches in California are public, so be ready for some passers-by to stop and looky-loo upon your beautiful ceremony!  If you are looking for an isolated and private affair, it may be best to rent a home on the beach or with its own private slice of the coastline.
  • Does your beach allow amplified sound? - Most beaches will not allow music but may allow a mic with public address system.  Don't forget how loud the waves can get!  Speaking of...
  • What time does the tide come in? - If you plan to be up near the waves / water, this is an especially important consideration.
  • What are you allowed to bring, and not bring, onto the sand? - This includes chairs, umbrellas, decorations, flowers, candles, torches (the fire kind, not the flashlight kind!), food, drink, glass etc.
  • Is there any overhead activity scheduled? - This sounds funny, but you never know who may be performing military exercises in the area, or taking a helicopter tour, or hiring a the time your ceremony is scheduled.

Whether you choose Malibu, Catalina Island / Avalon / Two Harbors, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, Ventura or Dana Point, there are many beach wedding locations to choose from.  For more information, please contact A NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY for your beach wedding officiant needs! We are professional, experienced, qualified and affordable, serving any Southern California location.

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