Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ELEMENTS: Rainbow Roses are incredible natural, multi-colored flowers.

Rainbow Rose, originally uploaded by INTVGene.
i would LOVE to have these flowers at any ceremony, but i immediately thought about how perfect they would be for a same-sex / LGBT wedding!!!  Florists, take note...

Rainbow roses, also known as 'happy roses', who also create/sell rainbow mums, were developed and perfected in the world's flower mecca of Holland by inventor PETER VAN DE WERKEN.  You can order them from HAPPY ROSES and RAINBOW ROSE COMPANY.  The average price is about $90 for a half dozen, minus overnight shipping!!??

Wonder how they're made?  They start as cream-coloured roses, and differing accounts state they are introduced to different coloured dyes either via injection or via water.  See the video below!

If the above video doesn't work, go directly to the REUTERS link.

To cite the sources for the above: see Snopes.com, NY Daily News and the UK's Daily Mail...and apparently, there are imitation Happy Roses/Rainbow Roses, according to the Flowers Insolita blog.  i tried to find other links but couldn't...  but they're reportedly less expensive and not as vivid.  But beware, i also found ads for "rainbow roses" where you get a vase of several different single-coloured roses!

Huge thanks to Shawna Yamamoto Event Design's blog for turning me on to this gorgeous flower!!  i'm totally obsessed.

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