Friday, October 1, 2010

WEDDING: Officiant at Park Avenue Restaurant in Stanton, CA

Congratulations, Michele and John! 

Married on 25 Sept. 2010. It was my honour to officiate the ceremony while Chef David Slay, his right-hand man Mansour, and Park Avenue Restaurant's fine staff kept a crowd of about 150 friends and family members very happy as they celebrated the marriage of the Orange County-based couple. 

Many guests expressed how much they enjoyed the ceremony!  :0)  The couple collaborated with us to create a warm ceremony focusing on how their love stood out by being the exception to all their previous 'relationship rules'.  The wedding featured two short readings from LE PETIT PRINCE (The Little Prince).

The ceremony took place on the private lawn area of the restaurant.  The PARK AVE. website calls it an oasis, and it absolutely IS.  We were there from the late afternoon; the lawn, restaurant garden and the lawn-adjacent private dining room provided an ideal, secluded setting for the wedding reception, well past 9pm in the evening.  The weirdest part was how easy it was to forget we were actually on Beach Boulevard, just south of Katella Avenue.  The crowd's mix included some fun vintage motorcycle and car enthusiasts: many were friends of the groom, who's a mechanic and restorer of vintage Indians and similar bikes.  And i have a new passion for mashed potato bars; the texture of the mash with the taste and feel of a seaweed type of ingredient, called green caviar was simply amazing.

And awesome photographer month continuesRONI RAMOS and JENNY SERSION , who were hired via the groom's friend Curt (apologies for the seemingly irrelevant details, but i'm trying to keep the connections straight in my head) were very friendly, enthusiastic and down-to-earth.  For those looking for a photo team who are pretty much up for anything, Roni and Jenny are for you!  [Please note, they did not take above photo; i will post their work as soon as i am able...]

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Anonymous said...

Biker guests are always fun! Have you seen the movie "The World's Fastest Indian"? I highly recommend it.