Friday, November 12, 2010

LGBT: Sheila Alexander-Reed Performed Skype Wedding in D.C.

Has anyone, not just an LGBT couple, been married via Skype in the U.S. before?

You may have heard about the Skype-officiated wedding ceremony of Mark Reed and Dante Walkup.  While the couple and their loved ones were in Texas, the officiant was in Washington, D.C. where all people, whether in same sex or breeder relationships, may legally be married.

The officiant SHEILA ALEXANDER-REID (also named "Shiela Reid-Alexander" in the wedding video) runs a lesbian-owned wedding officiant business with Deborah Thomas called MARRY ME IN D.C
"After serving the LGBT community for over 15 years, and working so hard for Marriage Equality in the District of Columbia, it only seems fitting that I would continue to serve my community through Marry Me in DC." 
Thank you, Sheila.  You are an inspiration to all of us! 

BTW see this article about Alexander-Reid which was printed in 2007 in the Metro Weekly, Washington, D.C.'s gay and lesbian news magazine. 

Own Your Equality and Use Technology - And as i continue to follow the developments of this story, i will try to research the legal aspects of the wedding ceremony and explore its ramifications.  Please stay tuned.


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