Saturday, November 27, 2010

OPINION: Officiants, Photographers and Other Vendors Need to Communicate!

My brother sent me an email the other day:
How goes?
So the last couple weddings I went to, this happened (pics attached)...This is my view of the ceremony...  "WedB" is the kiss...  Does this happen a lot?

~  K

The email made me think about the dozens of postings i have seen online and on Twitter, written by photogs who all passive-aggressively exclaim something similar to: "Hey, minister/reverend/officiant/clergyperson!  You should've gotten out of the way when the couple kissed at the end of the ceremony!" [BTW WedB is this one --->  ]

Was a shot ruined because the officiant was standing in between a kissing couple?  Possibly.  Undoubtedly, however, the guests attending a ceremony will be disappointed if their view is blocked by a less-thoughtful photog, videog, or anyone, really... 

And so, dear Event Professional, on behalf of most confident, experienced and well-adjusted officiants, I encourage you to approach whoever is leading the ceremony you are working or documenting, and discuss where you would like for us to stand at which point in the ceremony...because we want you to capture the ceremony as much as you want to!  And tell us where you plan to be, as well. 

Yes, this officiant WILL move out of the way for photographers... [but only if the photographer returns the kindness.  :)  Just kidding.]  Let's work together to create and record unforgettable, positive memories for our clients!  Thank you very much.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting issue, Venus. I'll do whatever the couple want me to do, and if backing away during the kiss is what they want, then by all means, that's what I'd do! However, I've never been asked by a couple or by a photographer to step aside during the kiss. It actually sounds strange to me! I admit it's a very intimate moment for the couple, and as an officiant, I sometimes feel a little too close for comfort, but I think backing away would look odd as well. Maybe when I have a few more years as an officiant under my belt, I'll have more experience with this situation.