Tuesday, February 1, 2011

INTERESTING: Post Secret Takes on Marriage, Everyday Ritual and Coping

More from POST SECRET's weekly confessions.

Some people get married for different reasons than others...

To you, is marriage serious?  Sacred?  Impossible?  Overrated?  Safe?  Better than anything you could imagine?  How do YOU view marriage? 

For some, deleting old contacts or even deleting season passes for shows on one's TiVO / dvr is a transitional ritual...

Do YOU do anything to indicate or signify a change in your life, whether it is when a person is no longer with you, or you move to a new home, or you begin a new job, or ???

Some people deal with crisis and/or loss in whatever way they can.  They may alter themselves simply to make a hospital visit, or to enter a social situation.  What are the advantages, and the dangers, of coping?  How can we find more effective, or at least healthier, ways to deal with difficulty, negativity, or discomfourt?

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