Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WEDDING: The Bell Tower in Rancho Santa Margarita


i had the honour and privilege of performing a very special wedding ceremony for these two lovely people! This wedding was extraordinary because of the FAMILY GOLD and RING STAMPING that accompanied the traditional ceremony.

At exactly 4pm, the bells in the Rancho Santa Margarita Bell Tower rang the hour, and the ceremony began.

The rings were made of ancestral gold. The passage below, from the actual ceremony text, describes the origin from which the gold came from:

"When Anna and Chris decided to get married, they knew they wanted to do
something special and different for their rings. They wanted the rings to
connect them with their families and their histories and heritage so Chris had
the idea to do this by including gold contributed from family and friends and
then to take part in the making of the rings themselves Once they talked about
their ideas, their friends and family generously got on board and donated scraps
of gold to add to the rings. The rings are made with pieces from four
generations and from as far away as Germany. They have pieces that have
come from treasured objects and some that have just been found along the
Each contribution was carefully logged, photographed and included in a beautiful display. The photographs and histories were bound in a gorgeous hardcover book, with each person's significance/relationship carefully documented. Then, during the ceremony, with the help of the bride's father, who is a metalsmith, the rings were stamped with an oak leaf, which in itself is rich with symbolism:

"For Chris and Anna, an oak tree is a symbol of their love and marriage through its strength and longevity,. The symbolism of the oak runs deep. The tree itself is a symbol of life. The acorn is a symbol of new beginnings. We speak of one’s roots, and rootedness to describe the sense of place and heritage. And perhaps most significant, the English word for “true” is based on the notion of “steadfast as an oak.” “True” comes from the same root as the word for “oak tree,” implying firmness and constancy. And so with this symbol, Chris and Anna will mark and complete the rings. "

Photography was provided by the very talented DAISY VARLEY and catering was provided by FRESCA's.

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