Sunday, August 17, 2008

WEDDING: Rose Garden at Fairmount Park in Riverside, CA

CONGRATULATIONS: Candace and Jaime!

i've been travelling all over this summer for wedding season. This day was no different. Fairmount Park in Riverside has a lovely ROSE GARDEN that can be reserved for special occasions. Afterward, the reception was held at the couple's home.

i met a very cool wedding and special events vendor, who transports and accompanies a vintage photo booth and puts the pictures together into a scrapbook for you! Check out the PHOTOBOOTH SCRAPBOOKS website.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i have been trying to contact the Rose Garden for a ceremony but i have not been able to find their number nor their email if you could please give me their number or email or any other way of contacting them. Thank you!

A Non-Denominational Ceremony said...

Hi, i'm sorry but i'm not sure of how to get ahold of them; the couple rented the garden and then they hired me. However, i'm happy to help you with the research... Do you need an officiant?