Sunday, August 31, 2008

WEDDING: The Villa in Westminster, CA

CONGRATULATIONS: Jennifer and Dean!

Sunday was a nice but warm day for this wedding. It took place with over a hundred guests at the private banquet hall The Villa in Westminster. There were many children, both in the wedding and attending with guests or people in the wedding party. The couple included family vows/children's vows, as a way of including the creation of a family in the ceremony. Here they formalised their desire to commit to their child, Dean Jr., as well as to each other:

"And Jennifer and Dean, do you commit today to continue your support of Dean Jaden as an individual? Do you vow to be there for him in his times of trouble as well as in his times of joy, to rejoice in the love that he has added to your lives, and to strive as you are able to preserve peace in your home?

Dean and Jennifer respond, “We do.

The venue is an unassuming building along Beach Boulevard, but once you go inside, it is an incredible place, complete with a staircase for the bridal party to descend down. The layout of the ceremony area is a little unusual, and made it slightly difficult for such a large group of guests to maneuver, but in the end, the wedding was lovely! The Villa also contains a full-service bridal salon. Thanks to Natalie and Liz of Lifetime Weddings and Events. Photography by Dai Bac Wedding Center.

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