Friday, August 8, 2008

8th of August 2008

First, i would like to point out how i do not usually double-book dates, because i like to do my best to have all my energy and focus for one couple. However, when i meet a couple that give off a great vibe and feeling, i try to do whatever i can to fulfill their need for a special ceremony.

So, because of the significance of 8/8/08, i agreed to perform ceremonies for three wonderful couples!

Their ceremony was held at the LAKE SHRINE at the Self-Realization Temple in Malibu, just a little ways from the beach off of Sunset Blvd. and PCH. There were lots of people walking around on this beautiful morning. There were swans, ducks and koi in the lake, watching on as we paid tribute all the world's religions. We made a prayer in front of Gandhi's memorial, peeked in at the Meditation Room, and had the bulk of the ceremony taking place in the Sunken Garden.

Held at the fabulous Yorba Linda home of a friend, this wedding was truly special. With just a couple dozen close friends, it was a fabulous party and celebration. i had known this couple for about a year, since their 7/7/07 ceremony did not work out at first, but 8/8/08 proved to be the charm for this lovely, Chinese themed ceremony. There was lots of red, dragons, and noisemakers to wish the couple a happy life together.

This special couple found me at the last minute, and asked me to perform their ring exchange ceremony. We met in the evening at DOUGLAS PARK in Santa Monica. It was a wonderful way to finish off an incredible day. i think they will be together for many, many years to come.

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