Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ELEMENTS: Laughs are GOOD! - Using Humor in Your Ceremony

CONGRATULATIONS: Ste. and Jar.!  Married at Tustin Hills Racquet Club in Santa Ana, CA on 16 May 2010.  They first met at a stand-up comedy show...and since they love to laugh, why shouldn't they add a few laughs to one of the most important days of their life together? 

Photo by AARON HUNIU PHOTOGRAPHY.  Uploaded from Flickr by dj venus.

One way you can make an occasion your very own is to project your personality/ies through each element of the wedding: from the colours, the venue, the menu and especially the ceremony.  The following excerpts are actual examples taken from the ceremony:
"Seven months ago, S.J., Ste. and Jar.'s son, was born.  Ever since, he has been their dear little monkey..."

"...may you both enjoy a long life of happiness together, with S...and may you always be like a family of deer crossing a prairie in the sunshine."
You don't have to settle for the usual, less-than-memorable ceremony.  Humour does not detract from the seriousness of the commitment being made, nor does it make light of the person or persons being honoured.  Your ceremony can, and should be, FUN, if you want it to be!  For more information, please contact A NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY.

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