Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WEDDING: Officiant in Newport Beach, CA

Congratulations, ToHa and Cha., married on 23 May 2010!  The couple rented a beachfront property on Seashore Drive for their special ceremony with the things that mean the most in life: good food, good friends and family.

Newport Beach Wedding Ceremony Officiant, originally uploaded by dj venus. (NOTE: i had already changed into regular clothes, post-ceremony, as it was very breezy on the beach!)
"Growing up in Orange County, To. recalls the many summers he spent here in Newport, and it will always be an especially significant place to him. Being at the beach reminds To. and Cha. of a time when things were easy and carefree. They both have fond memories of being at the beach as kids with their friends, long before the stress of jobs and responsibility set in.

"Cha. and To. say they feel closest when they are together as a family, with loved ones, spending time together without the distractions of every day life. They have brought you here to the beautiful California coast, because it is a place where they both can feel peaceful and relaxed. What better place than the beach to start a new life together?"

The couple made family vows to their daughter, as well as exchanging vows of marriage to each other. Along with their three-year old, they then poured sand from three containers to symbolise their forever unified family!

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