Sunday, June 20, 2010

WEDDING: Malibou Lake Mountain Club Officiant in Agoura Hills, CA

This ceremony actually had a maypole dance at the end!

At the start of the ceremony, there were TWO aisles for the wedding party and couple to walk down, both sides simultaneously.
"T and J chose to enter together at the same time to honour the joining of their families, and, to symbolise their choice to enter into marriage willingly as partners and as equals, without being skewed by gender or role."
This wedding was SO beautiful, i cried.  Photography (not pictured) was by a friend of the groom.  Many thanks to Meredith of MALIBOU LAKE MOUNTAIN CLUB and dj ____  for their service and expertise!

Please see these other maypole photos:
Agoura Hills Officiant at Malibou Lakes

Malibou Lake Officiant in Agoura Hills, CA

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Jon said...

I love the idea of the bride and groom entering at the same time. Such iconoclasts! And the Maypole is also a beautiful touch.

Rev. Jon