Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NEWS: California's Proposition 8 Closing Arguments - transcripts, tweets, briefs and more!

Today's Proposition 8 closing arguments from the California Supreme Court in Sacramento have been closed to cameras, but on the internet, there's a lot of information updating on a regular basis.

The AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR EQUAL RIGHTS has a live ongoing transcript of today's Prop. 8 final arguments.  The organization will be posting an official, court-approved transcript later today.

As you may expect, there are live tweets from the courtroom:  @AmerEqualRights and @NCLRights .

The State of California's website has a throrough record of all Proposition 8 related legal documents, petitions, briefs and orders

Here's a peek at some HOMEWORK QUESTIONS the court provided the plaintiff and defendant to prepare for closing arguments.  According to the document itself,
"The court provides the following questions to the parties in advance of closing arguments. What follows is by no means an exhaustive list of questions, but is intended simply to assist the parties in focusing their closing arguments."

KQED's Scott Shafer has been on NPR, reporting about the end of testimony and the start of closing arguments.
KQED's Prop. 8 blogs may be found here.

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